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Shipping- 3-5 business days

Email- Countrydeep@yahoo.com

I have the coolest store/distribution in the world. I wanted to know how I could stock Country Deep in my shop/distribution? Email us at Countrydeep@yahoo.com

Can I have a free sticker? No, but you can order one.

I ordered from your online shop and need an exchange. (Or any other general customer service inquiries): email us countrydeep@yahoo.com

I placed an order, it didn’t go through, but it’s showing up on my online statement as being charged. WTF?
This is a temporary hold on your credit card placed by your bank/credit card company. We have contacted your bank/credit card company. They will remove the hold in 3-5 business days. Your order will not be captured, charged, or processed.

Does Hess wear boxers or briefs? Superman briefs of course

Did Matthew use to be a supermodel in Hawaii? Yes

Is Country Deep awesome? Yes

Who are Matthew and Hess whom own Country Deep? These two bozos